Self care

Practicing self care is important at any stage in your life. After you have a baby your life revolves around what your little one needs and it’s so easy to forget about yourself. Mom guilt is a real thing, your husband tells you “go take a shower” and you’ll find any excuse not to because you feel bad.

Self care should be practiced daily and it can be as simple as taking an uninterrupted shower so you can relax and reflect on all the positive in your life. Don’t wait until you’re burnt out to practice self care, do it daily so you don’t get to that point. No one wants a burnt out mom and we’re not very useful when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom.

Something to remember while practicing self care is to be in that moment. If you’re taking a shower or getting your nails done but your mind is stuck on your stressors you’re not practicing self care.

Speaking from experience I know how hard it can be to be mindful and be in the moment as well as focus on the positive. I still struggle some days with blocking out the traumatic moments I experienced after my son was born. When I catch myself doing this I quickly say a prayer and thank god for the good health that my family now has and I ask for that to continue.

Practicing self care will make you feel human again after giving birth. After I gave birth my days consisted of waking up every couple of hours during the night for diaper changes and feedings, a quick shower while someone watched my son, those unsupportive mesh underwear accompanied by the huge diaper pad, and then more diaper changes, feedings and pumping.

When I started giving myself some priority is when I began to feel more like myself. I started taking my time in the shower, relaxing with face masks, using my facial care products, got my nails done and made more of an effort to wear some make up and wear regular clothes. I still struggle with this sometimes and catch myself not finding time for what I need. Not because I don’t have the time but because I don’t make the time.

Self care will look different for everyone. Here is a post I found on Pinterest with some examples of what it can be:

It doesn’t matter how you practice self care as long as you’re doing it. When you don’t have much time make your self care for that day a relaxing shower and when you do have time, pick something you may not be able to do on a daily basis.

Stay sane mommas!

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