Mother’s Day

It’s been 10 months and 18 days since I became a momma. It’s been the hardest; but at the same time most fulfilling time of my life. My son has brought so much joy into my life and watching him grow right before my eyes is both amazing and heart breaking.

I now have this little human who is perfect and innocent and it’s up to me and my husband to raise him right. No pressure! Watching him develop and learn about the world is priceless. I also described it as heartbreaking because this stage of his life is going by so quickly. There’s been countless times where I’ve literally wanted to freeze time and stay in these moments forever.

People say pregnancy is hard; postpartum is hard, adjusting to your new life as an entertainer fueled by coffee is hard but worth it as crazy as it sounds. I went from being on maternity leave with a baby who slept, pooped, ate and repeated all day long to going back to work, having a baby who takes naps at grandmas but is awake from the moment I pick him up until the moment he finally finds a comfortable spot on the bed. In between the time from when I pick him up to when he falls asleep is filled with movies, music, tickles, laundry, cooking, dinner time, dishes, reading, playing, crying (not always the baby), and quick showers. I go to sleep with a heart full of love ready to do it all over again the next day.

I write this as I watch him watch Coco for the second time today and probably the 9th time this week (not exaggerating). I smile because he now recognizes parts he likes in the movie, favorite songs and parts that make him sad. It’s amazing to see his emotions come through this way. He has such a fun personality and amazes me with all the new things he learns every day.

Being a mom didn’t make me lose a part of my identity, it made me gain another part that’s brought a different kind of love and satisfaction into my life. Although I don’t have the same amount of time I had for myself anymore I take pride in knowing that I’m fully present in my son’s life.

I think from time to time as moms we all feel unappreciated. Maybe it’s because no one else sees all the work that goes into being a mom whether you work, stay at home, breastfeed, bottle feed, buy baby food, make baby food, sleep, don’t sleep. It takes a toll on us physically and emotionally because it’s such an important job that you can’t slack off at. I hope that today all moms feel appreciated and know that their hard work does not go unseen, no matter how many times your husband asks you what you did all day (insert eye roll). Know that in the end it’s all worth it and we would all do it over again for our family.

Happy Mother’s Day

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