Pregnancy #2

I didn’t think to document my second pregnancy until after my doctors visit I had yesterday. As I write this I’m 16 weeks pregnant. Deciding to get pregnant again was both hard and easy. I’m scared to go through postpartum depression and anxiety again but it’s a worthy sacrifice so that my son can have a sibling close in age to grow up with. After my first pregnancy I remember being told that everything passes. It does. The NICU, the sleepless nights, the struggles with breastfeeding, the depression. With time all wounds heal.

Since my son was born at 36 weeks and 6 days he was considered premature. Although he was one day shy of being considered full term I’m now considered a high risk pregnancy this time around. At my second appointment with my midwife I was told about progesterone shots. The name for it is the Makena shot. It’s a shot of hormones that help prevent your uterus from contracting. I was told that starting at 16 weeks I would be receiving it once a week until 32 weeks pregnant. I went into labor with my first after I was induced. My water broke and labor was imminent. I was given two rounds of Cytotec and then lastly Pitocin. When I asked if there was a reason for my water breaking early they had no answer. I’m not sure if this shot will help me the second time around but I guess they’re just taking precaution.

Yesterday was my 16 week visit. When I was with the nurse she let me know that I would be starting my first Makena shot. I then found out I would be given the shot until I was 36 weeks pregnant not 32 as I was previously told. Another month of shots?! Oh well, I’ll do whatever I need to do for this baby.

Before she stepped out she let me know that they would also be doing a vaginal ultrasound to measure my cervix. This threw me off guard because I never had this done in my previous pregnancy and I was not told about it prior to this appointment. The nurse saw the confusion/fear on my face. I was overwhelmed to say the least. When you’re pregnant anything that’s different or not expected can throw you off. You start thinking of the worst.

When the doctor came in he wanted to make sure I was understanding what was happening. He let me know that from 16 weeks to 24 weeks I would be getting my cervix measured every two weeks to make sure I didn’t have a shortened cervix. Another precaution on their end. A shortened cervix would be the change in your cervix from the inside. If you have a shortened cervix your cervix could start dilating causing preterm labor. This is also known as weakened or incompetent cervix.

Although this is all for precaution, I can’t help but worry that having a vaginal ultrasound ever two weeks could be harmful. They’re going inside your cervix to measure and make sure it’s not dilating. They assured me it was safe and some women get it as often as 2 times per week. Although I’m glad it’s only going to be a total of 4 vaginal ultrasounds, I still worry because anything can happen during pregnancy.

After the doctor left the nurse came back in to give me my shot which burned so bad! She then set up my appointments. Within the next two months I have a total of 13 doctors visits. I forgot to mention this was a new doctor and nurse I was seeing. Both were upset that I was not informed about this important and somewhat invasive procedure that was necessary. It’s times like these when things are sprung on you and you’re taken off guard that can really mess with you mentally.

As I continue my journey in my second pregnancy I hope all goes well for me and my baby. All I pray for is a healthy baby and a long life for me and my family so we can enjoy each other.

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