Rude pregnancy comments

During my pregnancy I always felt great! I didn’t start showing until after 5 months and even then I was still getting away with wearing some of my normal clothes. None of that changes the fact that people can say the rudest comments. It baffles me that when you’re pregnant people feel that they’re entitled to share their opinion about your body! It’s a shame that people don’t have common sense and keep their comments to themselves.

I asked a few of my mom friends to share the rude comments they heard while pregnant and combined them with the ones told to me.

“Are you sure you’re not due sooner than they told you?”

“Woah are you sure you’re not having twins?!”

“Oh you’re six months? I was going to say Gestational Diabetes!”

“Omg you’re so big!”

“Your features on your face are changing!”

“When do you plan on losing weight?”

“Are you afraid of what sex will be like after?”

“Are you sure you have the date right?”

“Oh you’re due this week?” You look like you still have 2 months to go”

“You’re already 7 months?! You need to eat more”

Two of the three women who commented on my appearance were in their 40’s and have never had children of their own. And yes I said women! Aren’t we supposed to empower each other and not bring each other down?

When I first started to show, the comments I heard were that I needed to eat more. My reply was always that my doctor told me I was having a “model pregnancy” her words not mine. I would get unsolicited advice from strangers on what their diet was when they were pregnant. At a back to school night one of my student’s mom was telling me about her Burger King cravings she would satisfy once a day. She then followed that conversation with one about how all her kids are overweight and she needs to get them on a diet. To each their own is what I say to that. Every pregnancy is different and my first consisted of me eating before 5pm each day and only being able to keep down fruits and veggies.

When I was closer to my due date my stomach of course popped more and that’s when I got the other side of rude comments. People think that telling someone they need to eat more or they’re so tiny is a compliment, but you’re still commenting on someone’s body. If it’s not enough that you’re growing this little human inside of you and trying your best to do it right, you get these comments that can make you worry and second guess the way you’re treating your pregnancy. Pregnant moms will start to wonder, am I too small? Am I not eating enough? What if my baby needs more?

In the end, these comments should not get to you and always consult your doctor when you’re unsure of what you’re consuming or how your baby is growing. I had read an article on what to say when people say rude comments but each time I was shocked and would forget what I had planned to say. Looking back I wish I would have said them. Please be mindful when talking to pregnant women, we know what we’re doing 🙂

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